Focused marketing support and help for your business, item, product and brand

Connecting your business, your innovation, item or service to the right people using the right tools.

Kaptivate Solutions are a specialist marketing force that can help support your business, item, products and ideas by getting you to the right market faster, bigger and better. Helping you to new markets by:

Our team of marketing, brand and design experts can optimise you and your company for the right market, using the right people at the right time Call us and ask how we can help you to market, to connect and to sell bigger, better and faster.

Product Promotion and Distribution

  • Marketing Support
  • Contact Development
  • Focused Advertising
  • PR, Research & Design

TV Marketing Support & Presenting

  • TV Advertising
  • Script to Production
  • Multi-Format Marketing
  • TV, Radio, DVD, CD

Product distribution & Retail Marketing

  • Branding Support
  • Contact Development
  • End to End Retail Support
  • Public Sector Tendering

Brand Development - Market Research - PR Representation - Logo Development - TV & Radio - Deployment - Revenue Focusing - Print & Design - Marketing - Web Development - Customer Focused Research - Product Placement